18 Reasons Why "Math Blaster" Was The Best Way To Learn Math

1. You played as Blasternaut, an awesome spaceman with a sick ride.

2. Galactic Commander was your leader, and you'd follow her anywhere.

And she knew how to get down.

3. Spot was your bro and faithful sidekick, and always stood (floated) by your side.

You'd do anything to save him, even face off against Trash Alien himself!

4. Speaking of which, "Trash Alien" is the greatest name for a bad guy in the history of bad guys.

5. Scratch that- "Dr. Minus" is.

6. Nothing teaches you to take math more seriously than continuously crashing your space ship.

The crash that leads the team to the Lost City in Episode II: The Secret of the Lost City.

Over and over again.

The crash that starts their monkey adventure in Math Blaster Ages 9-12.

7. "Math Blaster" wasn't easy.

OK, it was easier than "lim x –> 5", but it still wasn't a cakewalk. You learned some freakin' math, or you got destroyed by negatrons.

8. On that note, negatrons were the perfect henchmen.

Gooey, gross, faceless, and always in stock for stomping.

9. With "evil flying monkeys" coming in a close second.

10. "Creature Creator" was the best bonus game of all time.

11. Nothing was better than the feeling of solving one of the Maze Craze rooms.

12. And Trash Zapper was awesome...

...no matter which version...

...you were playing.

13. You used math to turn a city into a SPACESHIP in "Episode II: The Secret of the Lost City".

14. And you used math to save adorable baby flying monkeys in "Math Blaster Ages 9-12".

15. Your math homework instructions were NEVER this straightforward:

16. It taught you other important lessons, like to recycle, even in space.

17. And to never trust crazy-eyed ghost men who live in abandoned space-canyons.

18. And that with the power of friendship, math, and imagination, anything is possible.

Even flying a bamboo rocketship through space.

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