Shower Thoughts About Dogs From Reddit

Have you ever wondered if dogs think it’s weird when humans greet people with handshakes and not butt sniffs? Do you wonder if your dog ever thinks you’re a hypocrite for using the bathroom indoors?

If these are things you think about, you’ll love this mind-bending thread on Reddit.

1. “What if dogs are scared of thunder because they think it’s the bark of a more dominant dog?”

2. “Dogs probably destroy shoes because they see humans put them on before they leave the house.”

3. “If I think in my own voice, does my dog think in his own barks?”

4. “Bad dogs in movies are actually good dogs that are trained to act bad.”

5. “I bet that some dogs have “dog-friends” they have never met, just regularly exchange smells on posts.”

6. “If a dog were chasing a parrot, and the parrot happened to repeat the word “Sit,” the dog might obey it as a command and neither animal would know what had just happened.”

7. “I bet at some point when Pavlov heard a bell toll he had the urge to feed his dogs.”

Do you have any thoughts of your own? Share in comments. 

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