Mathematician slammed online after admitting she is 'EMBARRASSED' by her boyfriend's 'annoying' psychology major

A woman looking for advice on how to deal with her boyfriend's 'joke' of a field of study has been torn apart by social media users encouraging the man to kick her to the curb. 

The anonymous woman had posed her question on Quora, a question-and-answer and information-sharing site, writing that she was a 'budding mathematician' who was feeling 'embarrassed that my boyfriend is a psychology major.'

She went on to ask: 'What should I do if I can’t take his interest seriously? We have chemistry, but his interest in that field is annoying.'

According to BoredPanda, the question may have been edited to take out even more insulting sections, including claiming that her boyfriend's profession is 'a joke compared to mine' and labeling it 'pop junk'.

The woman's bizarre sense of superiority, which appeared to stem only from the fact that she was studying math and her other half was not, both baffled and angered readers, and prompted a number of scathing responses.

One man wrote a lengthy explanation of why mathematics and psychology are both work areas of study, taking a final dig at the unnamed woman by adding that psychology 'can be more confounding than the most complex theoretical mathematics'.

He added: 'Your standpoint is close-minded, mean, and most of all ignorant, borne out of an arrogant belief that you are better because you enjoy math. 

'Perhaps your boyfriend will learn, this semester, the psychology term for your cognitive bias: it’s called illusory superiority. It’s not a good look.' 

Others, including a number of psychology experts, called the woman 'condescending' and suggested that the couple should break up for the benefit of her boyfriend. 

Eventually the question ended up on Reddit, where the poster was further shredded in the comments. 

'Posts like this always make me sad. No one should be dating someone who can't even respect their passions,' wrote one user. 

One suggested that if she explained her attitude to her boyfriend, 'her problem would be solved very quickly,' while another suggested the psychology major was only with her to 'study her mental conditions.'

'Someone's mad they can't be the smartest in every subject,' prodded another. 

Many on both sites questioned the validity of the original poster, based on the sheer narcissism displayed in the question.  

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