Why Your Beagle is Biting And What You Can Do To Stop It

Although sometimes a Beagle that won’t stop biting or nipping is not doing it intentionally to hurt you, this type of behavior must be approached with caution. Messing around with a dog that bites can end badly really quickly. Below you can learn more about reasons as to why your Beagle is biting and what you can do to stop this type of behavior.

Why Your Puppy Bites

Beagles are not known to be aggressive dogs, but being dogs they still are capable of biting. If you notice that your Beagle starts biting, slow down and don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that he is on a path to turning to an aggressive and vicious dog.

Biting is not just limited to aggression. There could be other reasons for this type of behavior. Here are some common causes as to why your Beagle might be causing you problems:

Puppy is curious

You look a little strange to the puppy. He is short, walks on four legs and has long floppy ears while you’re tall, walk on two legs and smell really strange to him. So of course he will want to learn more about you and one way to find out is to take a quick small bite.

Play Biting

Puppies absolutely love to play, and unfortunately the only games they know involve lots of biting and growling. So although it might look like aggression at a quick glance, the puppy is just trying to play with you. Of course it’s not the ideal way to play with the pup, so you might want to teach him a few less aggressive games.

Defensive Biting

When your dog is feeling under threat or pressure, he will be forced to bite you. Even if he loves you, it’s a defensive instinct that they can’t help. Usually dogs that feel threatened will warn the target to stay away by growling. So don’t get any closer to a dog that is showing defensive warning signs unless you want to get bitten.

Aggressive Biting

Aggression is a serious behavior problem that needs to be dealt with care. You never want to provoke an aggressive dog. So if you suspect your Beagle is aggressive, make sure you learn how to properly deal with him and get his behavior under control.


How to Stop Biting

Once you figured out why the Beagle is biting you or other family members, it’s time to work on his behavior. Below you can read different tips and advice for each scenario. Remember to be careful and not to provoke your Beagle if you already know he is capable of biting.

Curiosity and Play Biting

When a puppy bites it’s rarely out of aggression. So when your little rascal runs up to you growling like a real mean dog, most of the time it is nothing to worry about. He just wants to play a game with you. All that loud noise is him just pretending.

Play biting is not just limited to puppies either. Adult Beagles that have never learned any other games or were never taught that biting is no way to behave can also be play biters.

The best way to stop play biting is to avoid aggressive games when play with the Beagle. Replace games like keep away, tug of war and chase with non-aggressive games like fetch. If the Beagle gets too excited while you’re playing and does bite you, the best way to respond is to stop the game.

Soon he will realize that if he bites the person he wants to play with, the fun will stop. Of course he won’t want that to happen so he will quickly learn other ways to initiate play-time with you that don’t involve his sharp teeth.

How to approach a defensive dog

When the bite is out of self-defense, most of the time it is after the dog has warned the person to stay away. Sometimes the warnings are not as obvious as growling and you have to look at the Beagles body language and the situation. These bites are usually caused from:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Distrust

Don’t assume that just because your Beagle loves you and has complete loyalty that he won’t bite you if he is feeling any of those emotions. Under those circumstances you should always be very careful and take every precaution you can to avoid getting bitten.

Aggression and Biting

If you notice your Beagle showing any aggressive warning signs, you must act immediately. If you let the dog continue, the aggression and dominance will only get worse. However if you’re not sure what to do, or don’t feel confident enough in yourself then it is better that you seek professional help.

Source: beaglehappy.com

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