Students Amazed To Discover Their Math Teacher Is a Secret PORN Star

Scott Sherwood, 50, can be found on gay adult film sites like Pornhub and GayBubble – and in a classroom in East Sussex (UK).

Australian-born Mr Sherwood started working as a porn model eight years ago, while also teaching at the school. 

He initially worked as a part-time supply teacher but took up a ­full-time position last year. He is also a mentor and form tutor to students in Year 10 at the mixed secondary school, which has 850 pupils.

He has flown out to the States to shoot several films for Colt Studio Group, which has a 50-year history in the porn industry. 

On its website, Mr Sherwood lists his height as 6ft 2in, weight as 240lbs and gives intimate details about his sexual preferences.

He is Mr January in the “Colt Daddies” 2018 calendar and has featured in movies including ‘Gruff Stuff’, which he posed for the DVD front cover topless in a hay field. He also starred in ‘Manpower’, ‘Bear’ and ‘Man Tricks’ and ‘Sun Stroked’ .

In an interview with Hustlaball, he said working for Colt has been his ambition.

“Life at the Colt is fantastic. I really enjoy the studio, really professional and operational. And great guys, so it’s a dream come true," 

“To become a Colt model is a dream come true. I’ve worked on my body for years and it’s just great that I get to have a reward like that.”, he said.

His double life was revealed when students googled his real name and discovered X-rated videos and photographs of their teacher under his alter-ego, Aaron Cage.

One girl commented on a YouTube video of Aaron Cage, saying: “That guy is my maths teacher, his real name is Scott Sherwood. I’m scared.”

A mother told The Daily Mail students were told not to discuss the subject.

She said:

“My daughter is in Year 10 and another child found things online and put them on the computer for everyone to see. My son is in Year 7 and found out about it in the lunch hall while all the children were talking about it.”

“The school have not told us anything about it. It would have been nice to find out from the school rather than from the children. They have told all the children to be quiet about it. We don’t know when he’s coming back,” she continued.

In an interview with Irish publication Gay Community News in 2014 under his alter-ego, Sherwood  spoke out about the fate of porn stars.

“It’s sad to see, some are turning to drugs, some [attempting] suicide,” he said.

“Porn shouldn’t be seen as work. It’s a second job at best. Everyone has a shelf-life. Even me. Trends in porn change."

Sherwood added: “I was already settled, established. These guys well… well, see the previous question about work drying up.”

Responding to a question about what his mother thought of the films, he said: “Ha! My mum’s English. I’m still waiting for the birds and bees conversation!” he joked.

“Don’t worry, Mum, I’ve worked it out. I think she’d be shocked and, for her generation, understandably."

“However, this little bird has flown from the nest. We all have to make it our own way.”

It is understood he has stopped teaching there since the allegations.

Neither the school nor East Sussex council responded when asked if Sherwood had been suspended.

Sherwood replied "no comment" when asked about his double life at his home in Seaford near Newhaven.

What are your thoughts? Should Mr. Sherwood be suspended?

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