Beagles Can Grow Up To Be Anything They Want, Thanks To This Imaginative Illustrator

Andrei Clompos and his Beagle Juno do a lot more than play with toys and go for walks at their home in Romania.

Juno was born to sit behind a camera, and Clompos to give a little pizzazz to an otherwise plain (though adorable) shot. With his pup and the help of a few other canine models, he creates fun and imaginative scenes with nothing but doodles.

“One small step for dogs, one giant step for short legs.”

“It’s a good thing I won’t BEE craving honey anytime soon.”

“If I’m gonna see stars I need to have ‘astronaut’ written on my resume.”

Frenchie uses “Puppy Dog Eyes.” It’s super effective.

Juno: wants to fly, but loves to eat the flower bed. Career test said “Butterfly.”

You can take the dog out of the concert, but you can’t—wait no, you can’t keep him out.

Fetch 2.0 olympic trials: catch the ball in the cup instead of your mouth.

It was him. HE let the dogs out.

“Could you not squeak that toy so loud please? Some people had a rough night.”

“We bet ice cream trucks would be 100% more profitable if they employed dogs.”

“The second my human leaves the house, the no-furniture rule is moot.”

“Half pipe? How ’bout nap time.”

“I’ll pass on the blood, but keep the treats coming.”

“I don’t even know why I’m here.”

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