17 Things Only People Who Suck at Math Will Understand

If you are baffled by algebra and perplexed by long division, chances are you SUCK at math.

Here are a few things only people who are rubbish with numbers will relate to:

1.You can only do your times tables if you say them out loud.

2. Recipes are so confusing. So how many ounces in a pound or what is 2/3 of a table spoon?! Let’s just get a take away.

3. When someone starts talking numbers you totally switch off.

4. If you can’t add it up on your fingers you have to use a calculator.

5. When you buy something in a 15% off sale you have no idea how much you are getting off the original price.

6. You don’t know whether 23.9% APR interest on your credit card is good or bad.

7. Filling out tax forms gives you a panic attack.

8. When your boss asks you to do something in Excel, you feel physically sick.

9. You got ten minutes into A Beautiful Mind before switching off because…numbers.

10. When people talk math they may as well be talking in an alien language.

11. Trying to work out something number related gives you a headache. So $150 property tax + $45 gas + $43 phone bill + $650 rent….and we have $700 in the bank. That’s enough right? Wrong? Pass the damn calculator.

12. For all you know you are paying way too much for your electricity because you have no idea what all the numbers on your bill mean.

13. You do not know how many zeros are in 1 million.

14. Percentages are the devil. You can’t work them out even with a calculator.

15. You will never get a mortgage because it is all too confusing.

16. When you holiday abroad you run out of money by day two because you don’t know how much you are spending. How many dollars to the pound again?

17. You have no idea what a logarithm is. But you can spell it. Because while numbers are your enemy, words are your friends.

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