Chris Hughes watched first episode of new show Crackin’ On WITH Olivia Attwood despite split

Chris Hughes watched the first episode of his new reality show Crackin’ On with ex-girlfriend Olivia Attwood – sparking speculation they will reconcile.

The former Love Island pair, whose series debuted last night, looked cosy as they reunited at Olivia’s flat to tune into the episode which showed them row over Chris’ suspected infidelity.

Amber Davies and Montana Brown joined the ex-couple for the group viewing, where Chris tried his best to avoid being captured on any form of social media.

A source close to Chris said: “They really wanted to watch the first episode together as it was their show as a couple.

“They’re still very close and although they chose not to promote the series together they have remained friends.

“Amber and Montana joined them so it wasn’t awkward during scenes that showed them arguing.

“Their relationship is still over – though friends predict they will get back together at some point.”

Chris was spotted in the background of one of Amber's Instagram stories, where he was sat on Olivia's sofa.

Last night could have been the first time that the pair have seen each other since their split, with them choosing to do any TV appearances or interviews for the show separately.

The first episode revealed huge cracks in their relationship as Olivia branded Chris "shady as f***" for his behaviour since leaving the villa.

Chris was forced to ask friends who partied with him the night he was caught on camera with his arms around another woman if it went any further as he was too drunk to remember himself.

Their unstable relationship led viewers of the show to believe that the luxury house they moved into was in fact a show home secured for the couple by producers.

But The Sun can confirm that the pad was rented by the pair for six months and they secured the property before signing up for the show.

Love Island champ Kem Cetinay avoided watching the new series with his former Love Island cast mates.

Instead he shared footage of him eating a meal with close pals while ex Amber attempted to reach out to him by including him in her of her posts.

Some people watching ITVBe series Crackin' On ended up switching OFF as Liv's "rudeness" towards Chris became too frustrating to watch.

Throughout the episode, Liv was seen becoming more and more irritable towards Chris.

Viewers took to Twitter to reveal that they had decided to switch channels over the awkward exchanges.

One tweeted: "I’ve had to turn off #ChrisandOlivia #CrackinOn... absolutely brutal. I genuinely love them, but why is @oliviajade_att so rude??"

While another commented: "10 minutes in and I’ve already turned it off #CrackinOn."

A third remarked: "Only 5mins into #CrackinOn and I’m ready to turn over!"

"Actually feel sorry for Chris! How can he put up with liv speaking to him like that #CrackinOn," another questioned.

However despite the arguments and tantrums, Liv has hinted their love story is not necessarily over.

"I still protest that Chris’ and I is the greatest love story and there is yet to be more chapters," she said when asked how she feels about being a failed Love Island couple.

However, she admitted their hot tempers were to blame for their split, admitting she's 'hard work.'

"I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a picnic, I’d say I’m pretty hard work. I’m pretty wild so it’s a full time job keeping me on a leash," she said.

Indeed, a preview clip shows the couple having an epic barney because she's been to a house party packed with lads.

"If I went to a house party with a load of birds there and I stayed the night I think you'd be livid," he rages, before things quickly escalate and she calls him 'shady as f***.'

Speaking about their fiery spats, Olivia admitted, "We can both be hot tempered and when you put two hot-tempered people together it can become very draining.

"You have to be willing to give everything, which 100 per cent comes at a price," she added of dating in the public eye.

"I’m very thick skinned and I tell myself all the time ‘I don’t care, I don’t care.’ But it is very tiring and does take a toll.

"You’re basically offering up your relationship for people to comment on. Me and Chris have an argument and then you have Twitter telling you who is right and who is wrong," she said.

"It doesn’t come without its war wounds. Chris and I are so real. We could monetise our relationship to the absolute maximum, we really could, but we made the decision to end our relationship because we weren’t happy."

*Sourced from the Sun and The Mirror*

*Sourced from The Sun*

In a chat with OK! Online, Olivia confessed that she was backing Katie Price in her stretched out battle against ex Chris Hughes.

Their rollercoaster romance came to a dramatic end last month, with their break-up captured for the reality TV cameras.