11 Math Tattoos That Will Leave Your Friends Scratching Their Heads

1. I Heart Pi

Tattoo by Steve at Art Freek tattoo in Providence

2. Very interesting symbol designs in this example 

3. The number game

While the digits making up the Golden Ratio tend to not look as aesthetically appealing as the image of a Golden Spiral, Milad’s tattoo is still fascinating.

4. This creative design and body art

Source: Jeff Palumbo /designbump.com

5.  The Zermelo-Fraenkel with Choice axioms of set theory

6. The Gods of Math

Alison is a high school physics teacher who also studies world religion and draws spiritual inspiration from the natural laws of the universe. To reflect this approach to life, she decided to get the Mandelbrot set, the equation for hydrostatic equilibrium, the equation describing entropy, and the Delta symbol on her back to symbolize the powers of creation, preservation, destruction, and change in the world.

7. Schrodinger’s equation for the wave function of a particle

...because it represents the fundamental source of “quantum weirdness” 

8. Fundamental formula of Bragg’s Law

9. The legendary Quadratic Formula

10. Euler's formula

11. Math is beautiful!

By Jesse Rollins (via IG — iron_clad_ink)

Take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing achievements from people who had virtually no education at all.

He isn’t the one to let something like being the fourth richest man on the planet stop him from getting a good deal.

There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics, but there are equivalents...