10 Benefits of Having a Beagle

If you ask any Beagle owner, 90% of them happy to say Beagles are most popular and much loved dog breeds. Beagles can bring lots of joy to the household of many dog lovers.

They love individuals, and they are healthy and low-maintenance breed. As they’re therefore cheerful, gentle, and upbeat, they’re usually nice with children. Beagles are freewheeling dogs that are a pleasure to be around.

So, here are some benefits of sharing your home with a Beagle:

1. Cute Small Size

Beagles are small in size and can literally be carried anywhere, including restaurants and retail shops safely in a special bag, thus making it convenient for you to move with your dog. Beagles come in toy, standard and miniature sizes and can weigh under 18 pounds to 30 pounds.

2. Low Maintenance Dog

This is probably one of the Beagle’s biggest benefit since it’s known to shed less, especially the smaller breeds, meaning that there are fewer messes to clean up, but it is recommended that you comb and groom your pet regularly. The Beagle does not need much exercise, but should be taken for a walk at least 1 time per day. And twice is ideal. Walking should be moderate and at a fairly brisk pace. Do keep in mind that what is a brisk pace to you is probably a running pace for a little puppy.

3. Great temperament

Temperament wise, Beagles are social beings that enjoy the company and kids, however, they will be freelance sometimes, permitting their owner’s area. They will follow their homeowners and keep on with their sides, however, while not being overwhelming. However, they’re off from being upstaged. They ought to be unbroken in a very friendly home and raised underfoot.

4. They’re Very Popular in the US

Beagles are one of the most loved dog breeds in America. As of 2014, they were the fifth most popular breed in the world.

5. Friendly with other Dogs

Lucky & Gaya

Beagles were bred to run with other hounds for the purpose of hunting, so they do generally get along with other dogs. They actually love companionship, so overall, most want to be with some kind of pack (human, dog, cats even). 

6. A Good Watchdog

A Beagle dog will always bark at strangers or when they see a potential threat in your home. While some dogs may be welcoming to strangers, they generally have high territorial and guarding instincts and are protective of family members.

7. Beagle is Energetic Dog

The Beagle is an energetic dog that requires a lot of mental and physical exercise. This dog is a good companion while undertaking outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking or running. Beagles are known to be athletic and often excel in many dog sports.

8. They form loyal and smart home companions

Beagles are always good with children and are energetic enough to play all day if you want them to. They are also very protective of their owners. 

9. Good for New Owners

This breed is well suited for those who have little experience with dog ownership.

10. An Adorable Dog

This breed is known to be lovable and cuddly, often napping on its owner’s lap. Beagle is a playful dog and a great companion that you would love to have.

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