Lethal Bizzle's best pal Metisse Campbell is the newest Survival Of The Fittest contestant!

Model and beautician Metisse Campbell is set to join The Lodge during tonight's episode of Survival Of The Fittest. 

The 21-year-old stunner - who boasts Lethal Bizzle as one of her best friends - will join the girls team after Tia Latham was axed from the show. 

Revealing how she plans to make her mark on ITV2 viewers, she explained: 'I am going to be able to manipulate the men which will come in handy.'

She continued: 'I’ve got a flirty personality. I’ll make the men feel a kind of way and try and manipulate certain situations.

Mettisse Campbell is a 21-year-old model and beautician from Birmingham.

She refers to herself as having a "bubbly personality and a good all-rounder" and loves her unique tattoos.

Before heading on the show, Metisse has appeared in music videos for stars including Lethal Bizzle and Chipmunk.

The star admits that she thinks women are the stronger sex - which will come in handy in the battle against the boys. But she did reveal that her goal is to find a boyfriend.

She added that she thinks the women will be winning the tasks from now on, reasoning: 'I do think females are the stronger sex, not just in regards to this show but in life, I think women are so much stronger. 

'We are stronger minded, we are the mothers, we are the nurturers. Women are very important... It’s about time that men were put down a little bit. They need to get off their pedestal. It’ll be good for people to see men put back in their box.'

Metisse added that she won't be overwhelmed with appearing on television and the fame that surrounds that as she has friends in showbiz circles. 

The Birmingham native revealed: 'I do music videos so I’m around artists a lot.

I’m friends with Lethal Bizzle, Chipmunk, Lotto Boyzz. I’ve been in the music video for No Don (remix) with Chip and Not3s and Lotto Boyzz on it. I’ve been in Lethal Bizzle and Donaeo’s video.' 

Metisse is set to join The Lodge following two girls leaving the show.  

Despite Dani Dyer being booted out of Survival Of The Fittest after a mere 24 hours thanks to getting injured, Monday night saw the first official eviction of the show.

And with the boys tasked with choosing which girl should leave The Lodge, they decided on sending Tia Latham home. 

Tia has since teased that, had she stayed, a romance might have been on the cards for her and Warren Phillips.

'I did take a bit of a liking to Warren,' she admitted after being evicted. 'I thought he dropped a few hints to me and little compliments.

There was definitely something there.

'Maybe if I’d been in there a bit longer, something might have blossomed but obviously I would have tried to stay focused on being loyal to the girls team.'

She also hinted at whom else she saw love on the horizon for.

'We thought Georgie fancied Ryan and vice versa but when we asked Georgie, she said no.

He was a little puppy dog sometimes. If she was frying her eggs, he’d be there. If she was on the lounger, he’d be there,' she observed. 

The girls lost the first team challenge on Sunday night’s episode and the public were asked to vote to save their favourite female contestant out of Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Mariam and Tia.

Laura Whitmore came to deliver the news as the men tried to decide who to kick off the show out of Tia, Georgia and Mariam. 

Yet Tia has insisted that she still enjoyed her very brief time on the series.
'The people that I met, the whole experience.

You forget that the cameras are there and you start settling in,' she said, before adding: 'I think on the first morning I woke up, I farted. I really settled in!'

Her ability to break wind clearly wasn't enough to save her, with the boys even stating that she was beginning to come out of her shell.

Clearly, this wasn't enough to keep her around.

Stating her 'twerking' as her standout memory from the show, Tia said she wants to be remembered for being herself.

'Being open and showing the world that there are people like me out there and we are normal, we look normal, we interact normally, people interact normally with you and there is nothing to fear and it is what it is.

We are all human,' she said, referencing the fact that she was actually born with female chromosomes but her body 'didn't know which direction to go in'.  

Of her time on the show, she said: 'I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen and I always look to the positive.

'It was a very beautiful experience and I feel like I’ve left my mark and I’ve still got lots to do – this isn’t the last time you’ll see me.' 

Survival of the Fittest, weekdays at 9pm on ITV2

*Sourced from Mail Online and The Sun*

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