After 24 Years, Gunther and Remembrandts perform "I'll be there for you."

"So no one told you life was,

Gonna be this way..

Your job's a joke, you're broke.

Your love life's D.O.A.

It's like you are always stuck in second gear,

When it hasn't been your day, 

Your week, or even your year."

One of the main reasons that FRIENDS is one of the best TV Sitcom ever is the fact that the audience have been able to relate themselves to the show. Isn't it? In a friend circle, you will always find someone who is constantly making jokes and all. Someone who is a playboy. Some intellect, some freak, some O.C.D. and a fashion lover. And all of them constantly finding ways to insult each other. Not only this, they care for each other, share happiness and sadness all together.

Not only the show is relatable, but the title song too. Yes, no one told me that life will be so hard for me. My love life is dead or alive I don't know.. And it has never ever been my day, week or year.. 

But no matter what ever happened, my FRIENDS were always there for me, and so was I for them.

Yes "I'll be there for you" is not just a song, this is a feeling. This is an emotion. 

We all have witnessed our favorite six to be dancing and moving to this song. But have you ever seen Gunther performing on the same..

Thank you Netflix for giving us a chance to witness this. 

The Netflix promo video for FRIENDS features Remembrandts and Gunther performing the famous theme song. Here is the video..

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Josh Radnor played for Mexico in the FIFA World Cup. Yes I am not kidding.

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