14 Times Rachel Greene was Savage, Hilarious and Too Relatable

1. Sister to Sister CAT Fight.. Rachel wins..

2. That's Rachel Green- 1, Dr. Ross Geller- 0

3.  That's Rachel Green- 2, Dr. Ross Geller- 0

4. You dare not try your hands on Rachel's family..

5. When she did the sweetest "How You Doin'?"


Credits- youtube

6. The best and the most savage one..

7. Yes! That's what happens when you are trying to have a conversation with your crush.

8. Too bloody emotional..

9. I still laugh my ass off at this scene..

10. Rachel Green - 3, Ross Geller - 0

11. Ohh Poor Rachel. We love you so very much..

12. That's what I call a "Save"..

13. That's me in my adulthood..

14. The One That Gave us the Chills..

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Mondler was supposed to be a one night thing?

Josh Radnor played for Mexico in the FIFA World Cup. Yes I am not kidding.

Not the looks! But she has got the fashion!