8 FRIENDS Behind the Scene Secrets! No. 1 will break your hearts!!

Its been 13 and a half years since the iconic series ended. But the behind the scene stories are still as interesting as could be. But some are just too heartbreaking. And I am literally crying after reading it.

8. Central Perk was based on a particular restaurant in Manhattan.

The creators wanted to be inspired by a real restaurant for the coffee house.

"The coffee house came about because there was a little restaurant that we used to all go down to on West 4th Street in Manhattan, and it had a door in the corner," Shaffner said. "So we went to Kevin and Margaret and David and when we showed them the model and I said, 'We want to do a little corner door like the restaurant that we used to go to,' and they remembered it as well. It was called Arnold's Turtle."

Unfortunately that turned out to be Veggie's place and that too was closed. In the place Hamilton's Soda Fountain & Luncheonette was opened. Not exactly like Central Perk, but yes you could see the essence.

7. The outside shot was a mistake. And its explained now.

Remember this building? There is no fire-escape in Monica's or Joey's apartment. Also, Monica's apartment has a balcony which is missing. When asked about the mistake, the creators said that it's just the building and their apartment is on the other side.

6. It was expected to receive a lot of hatred for the famous Lesbian wedding, but there was only a few.

With so much of LGBT issues now prevailing, the creators were afraid that Carol and Susan wedding might grab a lot of haters for the show. But it was not. Everyone loved the episode.

5. You know why Monica's apartment was so bigggggg!!

How with a limited salary could Monica and Rachel afford a huge apartment? The answer was simple. It was the sixth floor walk-up. Shaffner clarified this doubt in a recent interview.

4. Okay? So they were scared of the biggest teddy bear on the planet.

Matt Le Blanc was pretty straight forward with his words. So when the cast met him, they were kind of afraid of working with him. But they soon found out who he is, "The biggest teddy bear."

3. The tone of Chandler Bing, the use of word "be" and being uncomfortable around women was actually the natural behavior of Matthew Perry.

Yes, you read it right. Though he dated Julia Roberts and Yasmine Bleeth, Perry was uncomfortable around girls.

2. The famous Monica's purple door frame .

We all know this fact. However, there is no harm in putting it up here again. The frame was actually a broken mirror.

1. The iconic orange couch was actually torn up, ripped apart when the writers found it in the basement.

Yes, that's just painful right? The couch was found by the creators in the basement of the studio, ripped and torn apart. Still they thought it would be perfect for 6 friends to sit, chat and have coffee. So they refurnished and put it up in Central Perk

Chandler Bing from Friends is one of the best characters in sitcom history.

Well, see who's on the list!

Why the apartment got the unusual color of lilac hue?