17 Times Internet Made Math Hilarious

Tumblr has already given us amazing takes on science, but today we're looking to everyone's favorite time-wasting site for some hot takes on math.

So let's start...

1. For when you need a pick up line

2. Because logic

3. Lacking confidence

4. Not everyone can be both smart and beautiful

5. That crow is more prepared for class than most of the students

6. When you appreciate little things

7. Math works in mysterious ways


8. Some people are hard to please 

9. We could argue about that

10. There's no comeback like math joke comeback

11. Wait, there's booty math?!

12. Mmmm...Donuts

13. Solving the worlds problems one by one

14. Bloody math

15. This is harsh

16. There are 3 types of people 

17. Beautiful

Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. 

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