10 Furbonacci Sequence Photos Prove That Cats Are Purrfect

Math is the language of cats, and it is they who first discovered the so-called Fibonacci sequence. No, it wasn't the Indian mathematician Pingala, nor Leonardo of Pisa. Cats got it first, but they called it the Furbonacci sequence!

Here are 10 cats from Imgur fitting perfectly into the Golden Ratio.

1. She's Been Sleeping On My Deck All Day And Night For Two Weeks. I Guess I Have A Cat Now.

2. The Furbonacci Sequence.

3. We Too Have A Cat That That Strikes A Pose While She Waits For Us.

4. In The Middle Somewhat Elevated.

5. My Kitten Has Been Sleeping In A Bowl To Keep Cool.

6. So I Bought My Cat A Scratching Post.

7. Fibonacci's Cat.

8. My Little Cat Sleeping In Her Basket On The Blanket I Made For Her.

9. Furbonacci Cat.

10. The Yoga Master.

Which cat is the winner?

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