12 Most Controversial Math Facts That People Refuse To Believe Are True

1. Monty  Hall Problem


Still don't believe it? 

Let's say you picked door number 1. Here are all the possibilities of what could happen:

Wait, you still have doubts?!

...this all assumes you wanted the car and not the goat.

2. 0.999... = 1

3. There are as many even numbers as natural numbers

4. Benford's Law

5. The Birthday Paradox

6. The Broken Water Heater Problem

7. Bertrand's Box Paradox

8. How To Estimate π From A Dart Board

9. The Harmonic Series Diverges To Infinity

10. Your Friends Are Probably More Popular Than You

11. A Perfect Parallelogram From A Wacky Shape Every Time

12. The Three Prisoners

The problem first appeared in legendary Martin Gardner's "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American. 

Source: Walter Hickey / Business Insider

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