19 Reasons Why Beagles Are The WORST Dogs To Live With

Oh Beagles… the breed that has become one of the most popular of all dog breeds in the United States (and among celebrities)…

Is it because of their even tempered, gentle, friendly personality? or their winsome eyes, soft muzzle, and all-around cuteness? or all of the above?

These well-rounded and versatile hound that can go from couch potato to running partner in seconds!

Beagles attract devoted followers who would never consider having any other breed. Though still often used in hunting, the Beagle is more commonly known as a lovable family pet – often considered one of the best dogs for kids.

But as popular as they’ve become, you might be shocked to know that they are the worst dogs to live with… and there are 19 reasons for it.

Check out the 19 reasons why Beagles are the worst dogs to live with. Scroll Down!

1. They hate to cuddle.

2. They have menacing eyes.

3. Totally evil!

4. Just look at them!

5. They hate napping.

6. They take your stuff without asking.

7. "Faking it. Whatever." - They are so lazy.

8. Give it back, dude. Don't be so greedy!

9. They ruin all of your happy moments.

10. “May I come in there with you? I already miss you, even though you just walked in there two minutes ago.”

11. Let’s not talk about the damage they do to your personal items.

12. What are they doing in your car?

13. They love hanging out with cats.

14. That means you can’t take them outside.

15. They won’t ever love you.

16. No more strolls in the park for you.

17. Worst of all, they’re ugly.

18. Really, really ugly.

19. Now who’d love a dog like this?

Are you convinced now that living with Beagles may be the worst idea and need to be avoided by all cost? ????

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