Chris Cox (Voice of George Bush on American Dad) Talks Voiceovers


Chris Cox Talks Voiceovers
Family Guy, Hollywood

Voice-over artist Chris Cox -- who performs various roles on Family Guy, American Dad.

Hooray for Hollywood Podcast: Realistically Hilarious Impressions Of Some Of The Biggest Male Names in Hollywood Punctuate The Conversation With A Well-Heard VO Artist

By Staff
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Dec. 15, 2017 —  On this month’s “Hooray for Hollywood” podcast hosted by Tom Johnson, voice-over artist Chris Cox -- who performs various roles on Family Guy, American Dad and many video games -- talks about how he got started in the industry and much, much more.

Cartoons? There’s a story about that and then some ... Seth MacFarlane lore, anyone?

But it’s more than clickbait or name dropping as Johnson asks Cox about his true “breakthrough moment” in showbusiness: the 1997 parody film Swing Blade, which lead to him gaining a writing agent.

That was in the late 1990s, and led to the audition for Family Guy. He did a Paul Reiser impression – remember him — and was hired.

But before thinking it may be easy, Cox also has some advice for those who might think all they have to do is make a mixtape.

“Give it time, be patient – it’s not gonna happen overnight,” Cox said, adding that it's much easier to become a voiceover artist in Los Angeles.

There are also some great impressions Cox shares with Tom, including a Jeff Goldblum or two, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Orks, fairies and yes, George W. Bush.

Speaking of W., Cox says there is a big difference between performing parodies of people on and imitating them while voice matching.

There’s no secret formula for matching another actor’s voice on film, said Cox, who performed as George W. Bush for the HBO movie “Recount.”

The scene called for him to impersonate Bush making calls to Al Gore on Election Night 2000. “It was like I was sharing a performance with George Bush on screen,” Cox said, adding that “it’s important to capture exactly who they are.”

Cox’s other gig includes playing the voice of Toto Gale on Netflix’s Lost in Oz, which he describes as a positive show about female empowerment and a different take on the beloved character of Dorothy.

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