10 Cool Fibonacci Items For Math Lovers

1. This Golden Ratio Design For Those Who Understand


2. 1.6180339887

There you go >>> PHI Leggings

3. This one is really unique

Get yourself this >>> Golden Elephant

4. ...or if you prefer cats, this one's purrrfect for you!

Available in all shapes, colors and sizes here >>> Fibonacci Cat

5. Beauty is everywhere

Get it here >>> Beauty is everywhere

6. Make your wall special with this Fibonacci Day poster

Here >>> Fibonacci Day November 23

7. Fibonacci is easy

Get it easy >>> here

8. Patterns look good on you

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9. Or you might prefer something like this

There you go >>> Fibonacci

10. Numbers numbers numbers

Available here >>> Fibonacci sequence

The equations that work for mysterious reasons, the primes with hidden patterns, and the logical statements that cannot be true or false...

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